Great Departure of Buddha, Gandhara, 1-2nd Century. Photo by PHGCOM, 2007 Wikimedia GNU

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Bodhisattva: A Greek - Buddhist Relief from Gandhara


The Hashtnagar Pedestal (About the relief from British Museum)

The British Museum writes that the Hashnagar Pedestal is dated to 384 of an unknown era. In the context of history this era very likely is 384 BCE.

The Greek Origin of the Image of Buddha (read more)

The inscription is called:

Kharosthi, Kharoshthi or Gāndhārī script

This script can be compared with other ancient scripts in the following sites:

Issyk script dated to 5th century CE

Old Turkic Script:
“Mainstream opinion derives the Orkhon script from variants of the Aramaic alphabet, in particular via the Pahlavi and Sogdian alphabets, as suggested by V.Thomsen, or possibly via Karosthi (cf., Issyk inscription).”

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